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Ferrari f355 Spider

Designed by Pininfarina

The first Ferrari was an open bodied car. Convertible cars have always represented something special and irremissible for Enzo Ferrari and his firm. Since then we have built many spiders, each one with its own fascinating history. All Ferrari spiders combine the sports characteristics of the mechanics and the driving pleasure.

The Red F355 Spider

The F 355 Spider increases this attitude by putting together the high performances of Berlinetta and GTS and the easiness of transformation, thanks to the opening and closing semiautomatic electronic system of the soft top. The features that determine the success of the F 355 are the same for the Spider : 375 HP, 5 valves per cylinder, 4.7" 0/100 km/h, an excellent engine flexibility (torque 268 lb.ft), a 6-speed transmission gearbox, the hydraulic power steering, the electronic control of suspensions. These characteristics make this car really easy to drive in any condition.

The Blue one


The Interior

Two-seater Spider in aluminium and steel. The exterior styling has been guided by strict aerodynamic requirements including the underside to obtain the perfect balance of vertical forces (Cz).

The Interior


The cockpit design emphasizes driving pleasure and safety. The F 355 Spider has comfortable, body-hugging seats upholstered in Connolly leather with electrically assisted movements. The car is equipped with double air-bag.




The Blue Spider

Stress-bearing chassis with a tubular auxiliary spaceframe holding the engine and rear suspension. The suspension adopts unequal-length, non-parallel wishbones front and rear with springs and anti-roll bars; telescopic gas shock absorbers with electronic damping control, two selectable damping programs. Rack-and-pinion power assisted steering, manual steering available upon request. Self-ventilated disc brakes with cooling ducts, excludable ATE Abs system. 18" magnesium wheels

The Red one!


Power Train

The Engine

Mid-rear longitudinal 90? V8, 213.3, 375 HP, 109 bhp/litre engine. Four overhead camshafts, five valves per cylinder. Titanium connecting rods. Bosch M 2.7 engine management system. Dry sump lubrication system. Transverse six speed plus reverse gearbox in unit with the differential. Single plate dry clutch


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